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It has been a long road for our family in recent months! Our routines have shifted to revolve around our one year old granddaughter  who has experienced illness, tests, surgeries and all that entails.  Thankfully, they have FINALLY discovered the root cause, it is not life threatening and she is on the mend!

When life throws you a curveball, does everything go out the window, or do you have systems in place to keep things moving forward?  Obviously, I don’t have a system in place for writing, as posting a blog didn’t happen! It was interesting to observe how all of us maintained daily aspects of living and working through this disruption in our lives. Life went on, and goals were achieved, because systems were already in place to allow routines to continue without our undivided attention.

A busicheck-mark-yes-check-clipart-free-clip-art-imagesness mentor recently addressed the word SYSTEM as a way to “Save Yourself Time Energy & Money!” Whether it is as mundane as how to manage getting dressed and ready to go in the morning, to as complicated as managing business records, it is true that developing a system, or a routine pattern to follow, is the key to efficiency.

Have you developed routines that have helped you simplify your life?  What systems are you following that are saving yourself time, energy and money?  



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