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Today I found myself spinning in circles and feeling very unproductive.  I have so many things that I should do, need to do, and WANT to do — but was feeling I wasn’t REALLY completing anything.  I was getting overwhelmed and frustrated by things I felt I should have tackled days earlier. And then these words came to me…”START NOW, LOOK FORWARD.”  Nothing gets accomplished by facing backwards!

So, I made a very quick list of things I need to do to make forward progress. I followed my own advice and SET MY TIMER FOR 15 MINUTES – so I could focus on one task at a time!  True confessions here — my first 15 minutes were spent emptying the sink into the dishwasher, making the bed, folding and putting away the clothes in the dryer, relocating the “stray items” from where they were “hanging out”, to where they belonged.

So, now I have “Captain Clean Up” off my list!  Writing this post is #2 on my list!  And I still have 3 minutes left to edit and post! Is my house 100% spic and span clean? No — but it is tidy and I would not be embarrassed for anyone to drop over. I’m feeling better already — and there is a lot of day remaining for me to MOVE FORWARD!  On to #3!

The morale of the story is we make ourselves feel terrible when we look back and focus on what we have NOT accomplished.  Rather, make a list, set the timer, and enjoy knocking things off the list (however small). Celebrate each accomplishment, one step at a time!






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