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Laurie has a passion for organizing spaces!  

As a child she enjoyed the satisfaction she felt from organizing the wardrobe that contained all of her clothes, books and toys.

As a teen she spent more time organizing the lost and found than she did on the lifeguard stand.

As a young mom she spent countless hours helping friends create order from chaos in their homes.

For years she has helped friends move and unpack to create function and flow.

During her career in education and in ministry she gravitated to organizing materials and spaces.

A Director once told her she often switched her classroom because she knew the closet would be cleaned out and the classroom revitalized!

NOW, Laurie has joined the ranks of Professional Organizers and Productivity Specialists to come alongside others to be the friend who can motivate and encourage.

Your Friend


Laurie is the friend who…

Listens to your concerns…

Helps you create a vision…

Assists you develop a plan…

Motivates you to begin…

Guides you as you make decisions…

Encourages you to continue…

CELEBRATES as you accomplish your goals!


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