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Laurie has worked with each kid while I have gone on with my day as usual! Closets, toys, etc! Bags and bags of trash and stuff donated! It’s been a great experience and she has been patient and kept the kids interested and engaged! (She’s a former teacher!!).  If you need help, and don’t want to battle with your kids, I highly recommend Laurie! — Jenny

I found your help a “God Send” and am so proud to have made the progress we have.  I could not have done everything without you.  — Nancy

No longer will I stand at the closet door and throw my clothes in (yes, this is how I used to put my clothes away). Now everything has a place and I can see everything. — Ellen

I am so relieved!  You have shown me a whole new approach and given me hope.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel — and I think it is YOU!  — Ava 

We are enjoying our new home so much.  Without you, I am sure we would still be tripping over boxes and unable to find anything.   — Kara 

Laurie just organized my garage and it looks AWESOME! Instead of feeling drained when I walk in there, I now have renewed energy and such feelings of accomplishment. — Anna 

Our dining room had become the place where everything we didn’t know what to do with piled up.  Now we have enjoyed our holiday meals in there as a family for the first time in years.  Thanks for helping me enjoy my family stress free! — Julie 

In just one day Laurie helped me correct years of stuff stashing.  What was once a catch all, closed door, embarrassment of a room is now a usable guest room.  And I lived to talk about it! — Ellen

Laurie has done a fabulous job of helping me get my house organized!  She is a master of helping you use the things you have so you don’t spend a bunch on organizational tools.  Also she helps me stay within my budget by giving me homework tasks to do to cut DOWN the time I pay her for, while being willing to help me complete that homework when I haven’t completed it.  She has changed my life! — Julie 





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