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HAS IT REALLY BEEN 6 YEARS? And now it is Fall…

I was recently contacted by someone who checked out my website and wondered if I was still in business.

NO WONDER! I can’t believe it has been six years since my last post!

YES! I am still very happily helping others feel more efficient and productive in their homes – AND I have clearly been spending more time with people than on my computer!


Fall is the perfect season to “regroup and reorganize” to prepare for the festivities ahead.

It is also a great time to clear space for new things to come.

Visualize your home and imagine how areas would FUNCTION if you could snap your fingers and instantly have things in perfect order.

Make a list of things that would need to happen to make your vision come closer to reality.

Pick one action step on the list and begin taking action to reach your goal.

It won’t all happen at once with a snap — it will only happen beginning with one small step, and then more consistent steps to follow.

Be kind to yourself and recognize each movement forward is a win!

I love helping others move from overwhelm to action steps that produce results and feel the burden lift.

Something new since 6 years ago — you can now contact via text and let me know how I can help.




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