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Get Organized for Christmas 2014 NOW!

Steps to simplify Christmas decorating for years to come!Image

As you prepare for Christmas, do you notice a trend? What comes first for your family? Some people start with decorating the tree, while others bring out the fireplace nativity first.  Others start with the outdoor lights and Christmas cards.  Whatever the order, it is not necessary to decorate for Christmas all at once and make an overwhelming mess.

As you decorate, look at the items you are using this Christmas and categorize them in groups according to use.

  • Christmas Tree (tree, ornaments, lights, extension cord, tree skirt, etc.)
  • Outdoor decorations (lights, cords, hooks)
  • Yard decorations (objects, spotlights, cords)
  • Decorations used in special areas of your home (kitchen, bathrooms, dining, fireplace, reading nook?)
  • Christmas books and music
  • Christmas cards and supplies
  • Christmas china and linens
  • New Years supplies
  • Other categories specific to your family

While decorating, think about how your Christmas decorations could be stored by categories as listed above, boxed separately according to their order of use. Plan now to make sure you have the right number of boxes in appropriate sizes.  

When you finish decorating THIS year, are there items you did not take out of the storage boxes? Go through these items now and give away or discard any items you don’t need to continue to store.

As you store items after Christmas, fill and label the boxes by category of use. (Tree, fireplace, yard, bathroom, kitchen, etc.)  It is okay to have an extension cord dedicated to the tree that is boxed away for eleven months, if it means it will be right where you need it when you decorate the tree next year.

Number the boxes by order of use.  Store them in your attic, garage, or closet so that the biggest numbered box (last one to need during decorating next year) is stored in the back, and the first boxes used are stored in the front.

When the time comes to decorate next year, you will easily find the things you need as you need them.   IT WILL NOT BE NECESSARY TO MAKE A HUGE MESS WITH BOXES OF EVERYTHING STACKED UP EVERYWHERE!  You can complete the tasks related to one box and return that to the storage area before you get out the second step! What a relief it will be to enjoy Christmas decorating in simple stages, without a mess!

MERRY CHRISTMAS to your family for this year and for years to come!


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