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February “Restart”


Did February catch you off guard?  Are you ready to throw in the towel because you have not checked “get organized” off of your list of New Years resolutions?  Avoid the all or nothing mentality — just because you may not have accomplished as much as you had hoped — don’t let that keep you from achieving your goals.

It may be time to push the “restart button” and take another look at your plans to prepare to make forward progress.

Walk through your home with a notepad to take some notes and for each room ask yourself:

  1. What is my vision for this room?
  2. What is the purpose or function of this room?
  3. In a perfect world, this room would ____________________________. (fill in the blank)

Once you have determined a vision and purpose for each room, you will more easily identify the things that don’t belong in that space.  You may then begin the process of getting organized by removing those items that are “cluttering” up your spaces.

Focus on one small area and keep making 15 minutes worth of progress at a time to keep from being overwhelmed by the whole project.

Each day is a new opportunity to push the restart button and set the timer for 15 minutes!  GO!


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