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red alarm clockI know we are always talking about setting the timer and racing the clock for 15 minutes to make progress on a project. Yesterday I put something in the microwave to heat up for 30 seconds.  I thought about just staring at the microwave and watching the seconds tick away.  I mean, what can be accomplished in 30 seconds, right?  Well, I found out that before the timer dinged, I was able to put away a pan that had been drying by the sink, stick a couple of things that had been left in the sink in the dishwasher, and clear the counter of some “just walked in the door and dropped it” clutter.  I was amazed at how much got done in just 30 seconds.  How much clutter control can be accomplished just by taking advantage of a moment here and moment there? Or even 30 seconds! I can tell you that 30 second investment had a great return — I was able to relax in a clutter free kitchen for the rest of the evening!


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