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APRIL CALENDAR PAGEEveryone is talking about time these days as we adjust to setting our clocks forward and missing that precious hour!  Even though we were able to make an hour disappear on Sunday, we really do not have the ability to make more time.  We just need to make better use of the time we have.  We need to value our goals enough to schedule the time we need to accomplish them  into our calendar.  We need to make appointments with ourselves to get things done. Make a list of things that you need to accomplish. Break the list down into realistic chunks of time and then write it down on the calendar. Schedule yourself into your calendar. Give yourself as much priority and guard that time as closely as you would an appointment with your boss, a doctor or a committee. Respect your appointment and say no to anything that tries to steal that time away. Most of the time, several appointments will be needed to accomplish one goal.  But without a plan, there will be no action.  I have a list that keeps spinning around in my head.  Now I am going to get the list on paper and start blocking out time to get things started on my calendar.  Let me know if you have a calendar system that works best for you.


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