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MOTIVATION…sometimes all you need is help from a friend!

I have needed to “bless my house” with a quick pick me up — clutter control, vacuum, dust — that’s all.  But I have needed to do it for days — and if I don’t hurry up and start it will really grow into something I have to CLEAN. When it is not really dirty, it is easier to justify putting it off and I have been finding hundreds of other things to do to avoid starting the task. One of those things was texting with my daughter about her laundry project. Her washing machine had just been repaired and she was buried in catching up from the backlog of laundry for a family of seven.  I asked her if she could motivate me to do the project I was avoiding before it piled up to a bigger job and she replied, “Just Do It!”  Ugh – that was so something I would have said to her – so I told her I was going to get going and text her with my progress.  I got out the vacuum cleaner and my duster and began.  I divided my house into 3 zones and I stopped after each zone to text my daughter with my progress so that I could time how long it actually took to complete each zone. I found that plan kept me going and I did not allow myself to stop for all the little things that can usually distract me.  Zone 1 took 2o minutes, Zone 2 is a bigger area and it took 35 minutes and Zone 3 was only 15 minutes.  So the task that I had hanging over my head for days actually only took a little over one hour.  BAM!  And now that I know how long it takes, I can knock it out quickly one zone at a time on days that I truly do not have an hour. SO…sometimes all you need for the motivation to start is a little help from a friend — even if you have to text to another state to find the friend to give you the motivation to “Just Do It”.


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  1. I like to dust first, vacuum second. That way I can be ‘sloppy’ when I dust! 😉

  2. Vacuum first because it stirs up dust, then let if ‘settle’ before dusting,

  3. Dust first, then vacuum…. that is if I get motivated to do either 😉 Just kidding!

  4. I like to vacuum first then dust since the vacuum should not let much dust out of the HEPA bag, but is not 100%.


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