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Pantry Practices

Recently I attended an event and offered a prize drawing for a free pantry organizing session.  This sparked a lot of conversations about pantries and issues we have with them.  Bottom line? A lot of us have “pantry clutter”!  Clutter is something that you are storing but not currently using.

It is absolutely helpful to find ways to categorize and contain items to make them more accessible; but a lot of the time the problem is simply a case of too much product for the square footage we have available to store our pantry items.

The actual best tip for pantry storage is to buy what you plan to use and replace it when you have used it.

The most efficient kitchens are set up by people who plan a weekly menu, purchase items that are needed for the week and they empty their pantry as the week goes on.

But what about when you have leftover ingredients that you needed to buy for a recipe? Answer: Shop from your pantry when planning your meals.  See what you have that you can use to plan your menu for the week.

But what about buying things and stocking up when you find good deals?  Answer: If you have the luxury of space and know that you are stocking items you will use, then go for it.  Remember to shop from your pantry when planning menus.

Sometimes the best bargain is not a good deal at all if it crowds your space so that items are inaccessible and end up being wasted because they are forgotten and unused before their expiration date.

Make a game of seeing how many meals you can put together without shopping at the store — get creative and enjoy some breathing room in your pantry!

I would love to hear some crazy recipes — or how long you were able to cook without buying pantry items.





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  1. Deena williams

    Great article

  2. OK. I must confess that my pantry is quite large and full. I could probably go a few weeks making meals and desserts with what I have in my pantry. I stock up on canned goods and baking goods when I find a really good deal and shop from my pantry more than the store after that. Making sure I keep things rotated is the biggest problem besides having no free space.


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