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Car Clutter Confessions

Many of you may be familiar with the FlyLady’s acronym for C.H.A.O.S. (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome.)  The other day I realized I was suffering from C.H.A.I.M.C.S.  Yeah, that doesn’t spell a clever word — it just stands for “Can’t Have Anyone In My Car Syndrome!”  I was actually embarrassed to have someone park next to me and peek inside.  I drive an old school minivan, which has served me well.  It hauls lots of  “clutter donations”  to local charities for clients and it can pack in 5 grand-kids.  I don’t always deliver to the charities iminivan clip artmmediately, and the grand-kids have a way of leaving “momentos” behind.  Let’s face it,  I have a problem remembering that my car is for transportation — not my personal locker to store items for all activities past, present and future!  So I reminded myself that I am a professional organizer and started a car organizing session. I asked myself the questions I frequently pose to my clients.  Do I need this?  How will I use it? Where will my brain think to look for it when the time comes to use it?  There actually were some items that I could justify keeping in my car and I found a tidy “home” for them to belong so they would be handy when needed.  Several things found their way to the trash and other items needed to be returned to their proper place inside our home.  Now my mission is to clear the car after each trip, so that 30 second investment of time can prevent a pile up requiring another looooooooooooong session of cleaning out the car! Happy travels — I may even welcome you into my car one day!


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