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baseball pitcher

Watch any sports coach training someone to handle the skills of their sport and you will often hear the phrase “follow through”. It is not enough to begin the task of throwing a ball by simply releasing it into the air. In order for the ball to end up in the desired location, your arm and body movement must continue beyond releasing the ball. That concept can be applied to the “sport of  conquering clutter”. The “wind up”, so to speak, is to identify where clutter collects, and find appropriate spots for clutter to belong. (A place for everything.) The trick to keeping the clutter under control lies in the “follow through.” (Everything in its place.) So the next time you are tempted to toss your car keys on the counter, think about following through and take a couple of seconds to put them where they belong. “Follow through” and place a dish in the dishwasher instead of in the sink. Bringing the mail inside the house is the wind up. Quickly sorting, tossing/recycling and placing items in an action file is the follow through that eliminates paper clutter. Notice where your clutter likes to “clog up the flow” in your life and think about how following through with those items the first time they are handled can help you conquer clutter. Its all about the follow through!


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