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My New “BFF”

I read as much as I possibly can about organizing tips from social media posts to books. A lot has been written about my new “BFF” (Best Friend Forever) and I thought I would introduce you to her BFFbecause each and every one of us has this “BFF”. Allow me to introduce you to “MY FUTURE SELF”. My days go better when I try to protect and care for “MY FUTURE SELF”. The other night I came home later than usual from a day that was full of meetings and organizing. I was ready to call it a day and I didn’t even consider my MY FUTURE SELF when I went to bed with dinner dishes in the sink. The next morning MY FUTURE SELF was not pleased to see the dirty dishes as I was rushing to leave for another busy day. I was about to pass by the sink to the back door when I took a moment to consider how MY FUTURE SELF would feel at the end of the day. Would she prefer to come home to day old dishes or to an empty sink as she began to prepare for dinner? I looked at the clock and it took less than 5 minutes to stuff the dishwasher and rinse the sink. Later that day MY FUTURE SELF thanked me because my return to the kitchen was definitely a more pleasant experience. The lesson here is we all have choices throughout the day that take just a minute — dump the mail or sort it quickly – clothes on the floor or take a second to hang them up — dishes in the sink or in the dishwasher — leave the laundry in the basket or put it away — you know your own list.  If we take a moment to consider our BFF, MY FUTURE SELF, it may be just the trick to motivate us to take that extra step that will prevent clutter from piling up. Try it! Be kind to your BFF and discover how much easier it is to take an extra second than it is to clean up the accumulation of postponed tasks!


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