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Go ahead – dump the contents of your junk drawer on the counter!  How many items will you grab and exclaim “I have been looking all over for that!”  I promise it happens almost every time we empty those spaces that have filled with clutter.

LOST and FOUNDNow you can pick through and toss all of the things that have resurfaced as obvious trash – all those things that just got shoved away to be dealt with later that no longer have meaning.

Next, sort and see if you discover items that are similar that can be grouped together as a category.  Pens, coins, erasers, receipts, paper clips, keys, cards, cords – the sky’s the limit. What are you discovering?  Some things belong elsewhere and can be put away – but other items legitimately belong in the drawer – they just need to be stored in groups – so they can be found when needed.

Our junk drawer recently got an overhaul and I put pens and pencils in the cardboard box that Velveeta comes in!  Our mail box key went in a little bowl in the front corner so it could be found easily.  Chargers went in a basket and another small container was perfect for our eyeglass cleaning supplies.

There were a few more items, but the point is that instead of being a JUNK drawer it is now a STUFF drawer.  Instead of those items begin crammed inside the drawer in an unidentifiable mass, they are contained in categories.  Now items are easy to put away and easy to find when needed.

Go ahead – dump the contents of your junk drawer on the counter!  What did you find?


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