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Happy SUmmer Clip Art.Summer!  Freedom! The days are longer and the obligations relax — especially if you have school age children.  It’s so great to take a break from all of the deadlines and routines.  Or is it really?

Even though freedom from the calendar seems so desirable, it really can be your best friend.  Take some time to make sure you make the best use of your relaxing summer days and schedule in the things you want to be sure to accomplish.  Plan those fun activities and special days around making sure the laundry and housekeeping chores are kept up to date. It is perfectly okay to plan to do nothing — just not every day!

Sometimes time management issues  lead to clutter control challenges.  Before we get TOO far into the lazy days of summer — it may be a good idea to take some time to reflect on how we will best use that time.  We’re pretty good at marking off the big stuff like family vacations or going to camp and other such things – but do we remember to plan for the preparation time  – and better yet –  the recovery time?  Do not forget to schedule unpacking and regrouping days!

If you have children it may be a good idea to establish a routine so that everyone knows their boundaries.  Every second does not have to be regimented, but there can still be some guidelines for scheduling active play, quiet play, reading vs. screen time, chores and planned meal times and snack times.

Planning your days will make them more enjoyable and productive and free up more time to spend relaxing with family and friends. Happy Summer!


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