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Summer has flown by! I can’t believe how long it has been since my last post. Our summer has been busy!

This is the time of year when we squeeze in those last vacations and eek out as much summer fun as possible. It’s funny, but even when there are no longer children in the home, or maybe no children in the home yet — we all tend to hearken back to our own childhoods. We come to the end of long summer days and we try to start fall with fresh new enthusiasm.

Many of you are sorting through your closets and “sizing up” your needs for the fall season. Now is a good time to bless another family with clothes that have just been taking up space in your storage areas. Have you ever tried the trick of hanging your clothes backwards? Once they have been worn and laundered, they can be hung up properly. After a few months, you can easily identify the clothes that have never been worn because they are still hanging up backwards.

Speaking of LAUNDRY — do you ever feel like you live in a laundry business? Have you ever tripped over piles of dirty clothes? Or how about the times you had to re-wash stacks of clean clothes that  stayed out so long they got mixed up with dirty clothes? I have been sharing my “NO SORT LAUNDRY SYSTEM” with some of my clients who struggle to keep up with laundry and they have been saying things like, “this has changed my life”.  I will be glad to send a copy of this system to anyone who is interested.  Simply send a request for the “NO SORT LAUNDRY SYSTEM” to  and I will attach it to my reply.

Meanwhile, enjoy these last days of summer to the fullest!


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  1. TRUE CONFESSIONS from THE ORGANIZER!! It has been FOREVER since I struggled with laundry — but I think just because I posted my no sort laundry solution that last night I just couldn’t make myself take the clothes out of the dryer and I went to bed. It was no fun to have clothes greet me this morning. I wanted to ignore them and leave them there to wrinkle even more. But that little voice inside my head was saying, “You have to practice what you preach.” So I FORCED myself to go deal with that load. I can actually stand in my little laundry room and use a hanging rack to hang and my ironing board to fold. At first I was thinking that was good enough and just leave them there but that voice called out to me again. When it was all put away I realized that it took less than five minutes. It would have been a lot easier for me to have just taken care of it last night when the clothes were nice and warm and wrinkle free!!


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